How much can you forgive?

by M. Bryant

“This shit is crazy, ain’t it?”  I turn my head to the left, then my right.  There’s no one here, just my voice as it reflects another side of me.

“Do you remember when you were about three, maybe five, in the basement with your uncle?  Remember how he touched you the wrong way?  Don’t you hate him for that?”

“No, because he did to me what someone else had done to him.  Why hate him when it won’t change the past?”

“Well, what about all your abusive boyfriends?  They made you feel worthless and ugly.  Remember the black eyes and bruised up body?  And your friend got you when you were down and out to try something new but didn’t tell you crack was in that joint.  Surely you can’t let that ride.”

“Yes I can because I can change the people in which I’ve dealt with that were unhealthy relationships for me.  As I grow through this I can go on with my life.”

“Remember how your mother stuck by her man that continuously molested you?  She loved him more than she loved you because she sent you away instead of him.  Can you honestly say you can forgive even that?”





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