History, A Perspective

by Gerald Thompson

I was raised Muslim. My first contact with the world of Islam was the music and poetry or Sufis, mystic Muslims.

When I became more of age, I got involved with a more disciplined and militant form of Islam and also got involved in Black Consciousness. This was subtly teaching me self-righteousness, separatism and hatred. What? Gradually, something softened my heart and “started” to open my eyes to see the way—as in a Miracle.

In the year 1996, I was sitting in a jail cell in a San Diego detention center facing 95 years to life. I phoned an old friend. But, a person from Union Temple Baptist Church accepted the collect call instead of my friend. His name was Carl, and I said, “There must be a mix up.” He said that the person I was calling for had moved and the building had now been converted into a church that had an outreach for inmates, and that my calling him was no mistake!

After that, I had explained my hopeless situation. He said that God could still move in my affairs —if I reconciled my life to him through Jesus Christ and then wrote out a kind of “binding” contract. He said it was a “covenant” with God to promise a service that I would do to also save souls. I should also declare in this covenant something I would give back.

Once I did this, I started to have a vision that came throughout the day and night. I clearly saw my attorney kneel down in front of me, hold out his hand to shake mine, saying, “Case dismissed.”  And soon, a situation very similar to this actually happened, exactly as it was shown to me in this vision!

I was soon released. However, through another set of unfortunate circumstances, I found my way back in prison.

In prison, I have been labeled a religious fanatic. The only word now that helps me, for sure, and every time is the same: “Jesus.”

I am also now wishing to correspond with anyone who would like to write me. I pray for letters. My address is: Gerald Thompson (#430014) Southern Ohio Correctional Facility/Box 45699/Lucasville, Ohio 45699. Thank you.

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