Time and Knowledge by Demetrius Hook Mitchell

Bismallah.”  Early in the a.m.

Demetrius Hook Mitchell

Hook Mitchell speaking to students at Pinole Valley High School (CA) in October, 2005

I personally believe that “Time and Knowledge” is a divine decree on man’s existence of his experience to understand changes in accordance with his (or her) environment and deeds.

In my current state: my incarceration time is spent seeking knowledge; before my work day starts, I seek it out. During my work day I seek it out, through my experience, and after my work day I seek it out through all types of human interest materials: newspapers, magazines, and reflecting on my life experiences, I learn so much from their reflections!

Thank you, God, for this understanding. (My current state is at “Fire Camp” – in northern California. It is not fire season, so we go to work five days a week. We do all kinds of work assignments in the public arena.

I’m still one step back into the prison gates, with the potential of receiving more time to my sentence. Also, I still live in an incarcerated world that is segregated, racist, and stems from politics. So, I choose to isolate myself from others (a world inside a world). Even though my peers have different mentalities (political, gang-oriented, and barbaric) they respect me. See, we are diametrically opposed to each other. Even though we are in “the same pot of coffee,” our directions are headed in different areas. I know my future is very promising. This is their home and the streets are their vacation. This reality is openly discussed.

I am not better than they are, because I am one unconscious decision from being back in their world. Consciously, I take nothing for granted.

My concentration and focus are to change the lives of others through my experiences. “Ikigai” is “that which makes one’s life worth living.” Helping others is the service I pay for my rented space on earth.

I was very blessed to recently read a term paper entitled, “Reducing Recidivism,” from a student in a Sociology 495 class; it was written on 5-16-10 by a Ms. Amanda Catchings. This sista ripped it; she aced the paper and the course (God willing), in my eyes, on this one paper.

This paper touched me so much that it helped me understand “me”” and the state of my reality and the lives I was around; plus I understand the corrections system in America. The paper allowed me to see that I am bigger than the life I – as well as Mr. Catchings’ brotha – have subjected myself to. If we could understand it.

Her concise data and research hit points on why the last 15 years of my life have been my experience (three incarceration terms). As written, her paper looked straight at the existing literature and research (her references) on the rehabilitation and services offered to inmates while in prison and during their re-entry. (But, this is true “from the outside looking in” – those perceptions are not always accurate. As opposed to “from the inside looking out, or living in it.”) Or, from my point-of-view, it’s relevant from one that has lived and viewed on both sides of this pendulum system.

I have been on this pendulum for the past 15 years. Ms. Catchings’ writing has helped me at the end of this current process of my evolution to change this epoch. Ms. Catchings wrote a subliminal message: this system in which Erin and I reside is to punish and confuse. “There’s no rehabilitation the system provides. The only precognitive notion is to rehabilitate yourself.” I am not complaining; I’m just stating facts. I placed myself in this situation. But, brace yourself for my re-entry.

Thank you, Ms. Catchings, for your views and your work in pursuit of The Truth.

I would like to provide light on things that the books, columns, journals, and reviews can’t store in your psyche. That is, the experience itself. My words are formed from a humble perception that has been visualized from both spectrums – from both sides of the fence.

Log on to hookmitchell@myspace.com or google Hook Mitchell for a view of my points.

In closing, as Ms. Catchings stated, the prison system has been a problem for many years, while she also emphasizes the number of incarcerated individuals and the number of former prisoners that confront re-incarceration after their release.

See, in my current position, I can only say so much, but I STAND FOR JUSTICE. My “time” is spent seeking knowledge.

–Peace–  #30AT

On a last note, readers, Blake Griffin, of the Los Angeles Clippers, won the N.B.A. All-Star “Dunk Contest” with the dunk that I created over 20 years ago – a Slam Dunk jumping over a car. Now, imagine that! I will perform that dunk upon my re-entry. At 42-years old, with my book entitled, “Do You Want to Learn How to Fly?”

Much love.

One Comment to “Time and Knowledge by Demetrius Hook Mitchell”

  1. Thank you Hook for being there for my brother as well as taking the time to read my term paper. As I told my teacher I know I probably could have put much more effort into it and could have made it much more precise, the finish line was near the finish to my four years in my extended learning I admit that I could have given it more. But my main concern was my brother and why why why this cycle keeps reoccurring and why is society so focused on the punishment and not so much focused on the fact that a high percentage of inmates reenter society and i believe that society as a whole does not realize how it is hindering the success of the individual. I do believe that there does need to be punishment for crime and no prison should not be a appealing punishment, but it really is a place for learning from mistakes, facing the punishment, and then reentering society as a productive and benefiting member. No not all inmates can make it but if we don’t try with the ones wiling to make the outside life home again instead of a vacation period then we will never know. Society also needs to be more open to accepting and ‘ex-con’ rather then stick that label on them and never let them succeed. Please keep lifting my brother up and keep yourself lifted as well. Hope to meet you one day and be there to see you take that dunk move back. Much love ❤

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