Mistakes 143 – by Demetrius ‘Hook’ Mitchell


It’s been quite a long time since I have written words for my column, Mistakes 143, in RED! the breakthrough ‘zine.

It hurts because the editors and staff have been so supportive to me and to my growth over these blessed years.

Over the past seven to eight months, I have gone through certain transitions: from reception in prison to “mainline” (general prison population) to where I am currently – “Fire Camp,” our term for it, a facility in northern California.

Time and knowledge govern my current existence. My kingdom is not primarily affected by the norms of True Society. But, my time and reality are focused on one thing, and that is to be the best possible person that “I” can be,.

I seek knowledge of things such as meteorology, gravity, hydrostatics and dynamics, climatology, hygrometry, and a dozen other sciences involved in my reading. And no man completely masters all of them, yet this relates to only one of the millions of facts in physical nature, which are governed by the One that holds the key to all knowledge and laws. Still, I seek out every piece of information that I can to change “me”.

I will soon be back to the norms of the world, “focused” and changing lives.

In life, mistakes are made (nature’s human inclinations), and out of these mistakes one can make that change and ultimately make a difference in society. That’s where #30 AT is at.

Editor’s Note: Read these early columns by Hook Mitchell.

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