Mistakes 143 – a column by Demetrius “Hook” Mitchell

Peace.  (Hats off!)

I would like to thank professor Jeff Hillard, RED! webzine, the family of William Hillard, and others in the community of Cincinnati, Ohio for their support – and, oh yes, also the students in the Sports in Literature course at the College of Mount St. Joseph.

On the matter of reviving my spirit toward writing again: I am human and I had become content with writing for a time in which I focused on myself and my work on the project, “Do You Want to Learn How to Fly” (DYWTLHTF).

DYWTLHTF has been one of my main focal points. I know now that God has placed – not replaced – me, and shown me that there is nothing new under the sun (from Ecclesiastes). Plus, I’m working out on a basically religious cycle. I’m always waiting for them [a team] to sign me to a 10-day contract in the N.B.A. Rob Stone knows that I always keep it interesting.

But, my preparation now is on the near future and to perform something that has never been done before: to slam dunk a ball while jumping over a car in four different decades.

I first patterned this stylized Dunk in the late 1980s (1988), the 90s, 2000s – while being featured on the cover of my friend Bobbito Garcia’s magazine, BOUNCE.  My re-entry into society in 2011 will make it a fourth decade. Fader Magazine, Mr. Cohen, and Rob Stone – here I come, God willing, in 2011.  Do You Want to Learn How to Fly?

God willing, too, I will be in Cincinnati in several months, then after I complete my terms and condition of my parole I will make it my home for a few years.

I want to give the brothas around me their well-defined needs and my highly admiration for allowing me to stay physically fit. They give me a hard time for being so hard on them, with all the working out I do. “Nutcase” (Erin), Keon, Grubbs, Lil’ Joe, N-O, Lamont, L.B., Tips, and my bunkie – they all put up with my early  morning study and preparation.

Highly glorified is my Lord.  Oh, grandma! – I love you. Peace.

Watch out, Kiki: I’ll be home soon.  Smile.

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