MISTAKES 143 – A Column by Demetrius “Hook” Mitchell

Peace, world.

May the people in Japan rest in peace – those victims of the earthquake and subsequent damage – and may their souls rest in peace. I pray that the whole world will learn from this and not take the small things for granted and understand that the mere existence of life is very precious.

This situation has allowed me to re-evaluate my condition as a human being, and it has allowed me personally to work harder at changing my life.

I have gone “back to the drawing board” and now have obligations that will be first. Those include my family and (Lil Jajon) B, Bernard Ward, Lady Bug Toni McIntyre…yes.  Here I come!

My experience has proven to me that any discipline comes through my self-control. This means that I must control all of my negative qualities. Before I can control my conditions and truly affect others’ lives positively, I must first control myself. Self-mastery is the hardest job I will have to face. If I don’t conquer myself (first), I will be conquered by myself. It says, “Hook has seen that, at the same time I am my best friend and my greatest enemy. And just by stepping in front of the mirror.

I will never again be the cause of my own failure to comply. Individuals such as Mrs. Shirley Jones and family, Robin, Bernard Ward and family, Doug Harris, Joe Wolfcale, Topper Allen, and others (I apologize because I don’t have enough room or paper to write all the names on my mind) know I am a good person (a diamond in the rough), who has just been dealt a different deck of cards, but I have now picked up myself from failing for the last time. This doesn’t mean that I won’t make any more mistakes (Mistakes 143, smile).

In closing for now, God has allowed me, through my life, to know that if I can comprehend the simplicities of life, my life’s plans will be easy; life is simple, which is why the smallest things and ideas are missed.


P.S. Don’t forget, readers, that this fall (2011), my book, Do You Want to Learn How to Fly,  will be available. Yes, the new book by Hook Mitchell – #30AT.  As well, I, Hook Mitchell, will be jumping over another car at 42-years old to slam dunk a basketball, and that this feat will have been done, at the time of this new dunk, in four different decades. “Look up and live,” is my quote for you today.

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