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An interview with Karyn Alexander—
executive director of Winfield House and RED! columnist – January 2011
Amberly Schmaltz
The beginning of Winfield House ministry is a story Karyn Alexander has told before, and it’s a fascinating and inspiring lesson for all of us about being willing to hear God, and do what He has purposed for our lives. Now that 2011 has arrived, RED! Contributing Writer, Amberly Schmaltz, checks in with Karyn about the progress of Winfield House over the past year.

Barb Tuffendsam—Answering the call to Women’s Prison Ministry –  January 2011
Brenda Huff
Barb facilitates the Women’s Prison Ministry at her home church, providing a plethora of services to inmates: mentoring, Bible studies, letter writing, and post-release support through social outlets. This is an impressive, wide range of components. Read about the ministry’s origins, how it functions as a whole and learn what had propelled Barb Tuffendsam into this kind of ministry.

The Quiet One – November 2010
There is something to be said for the one who speaks multitudes of wisdom, morality, kindness, and patience, yet rarely says a word. Others typically refer to him as “the quiet one”; I refer to him as my hero.

Higher Ground: Life at Our Daily Bread October 2010
by Jeff Ward
Our Daily Bread’s mission is to respond to the needs of impoverished individuals—the unemployed and the working poor, the old and the young, the homeless, or the formerly incarcerated—in Cincinnati. Jeff Ward’s parents gave him the opportunity to succeed in life, and at Our Daily Bread he feels fortunate to be working to help provide a similar kind of opportunity for others.

Mama Ruth: On a Mission to Serve –  May 24, 2010
by Brenda Huff
Piano player, small group leader, prison chaplain, Ruth Kelly is on a mission to serve. In this latter season of her life, Ruth Kelly’s service in ministry has given her vitality, and the ability to make a tangible difference in the lives of the women she touches.

My Time has Begun –  March 2010
by Yati Florida
Yati Florida, recently released from prison, is now working successfully in a re-entry program. Her story of breakthrough continues. She shares with RED! her thoughts and feelings as she looks forward to her release during her last days in prison.

Untouchables –  February 2010
by Andrew Brunsman
Modern science tells us that we can’t travel back to Biblical times and walk with Jesus. We will never be able to sit with Jesus at the Last Supper or hear His teachings as He speaks to the masses.Though we can never go back to this time, I have discovered an environment which allows me to teach and learn from the prostitutes, drug-dealers, thieves, and pariahs of our society, just as Jesus did.

The Innovator—Bill Miley –  January 2010
by Vicky McDonald
Fortunately, there is hope for a number of prisoners in the form of people like Bill Miley, a chemical engineer by day and a man of great spiritual faith who, when away from his engineering responsibilities and on his own time, visits, mentors, worships with, and helps educate prisoners in several Ohio prisons.

Sister Helen Prejean Urges Cincinnatians to Act –  October 2009
by Christine Grote
“Let’s get to work,” are the first words out of Sister Helen Prejean’s mouth as she took the podium. In this feature story, Christine Grote shares with us highlights from Sister Helen’s speech as she talked about human dignity, poverty, racism, compassion, and justice.

The Re-Entry Chronicles –  September 2009
by Nikki Jones
More than three months after her release from prison, Nikki Jones tries to find a sense of normalcy.

Redeeming a Lost Cause: The Rick de Medicis Story –  September 2009
by Brenda Huff
Rick de Medicis was once a hard statistic. In 1995 he was arrested on felony charges for writing bad checks and spent 66 days in a county jail. The series of bad checks were written to support a rampant, out-of-control, crack cocaine addiction. Maybe you could have called him a victim of the War on Drugs, or perhaps a slave to his own vices, or simply a lost cause. This is Rick’s candid story.

The Power of (Workforce) One –  August 2009
by Gregory Thomas
When one grows up as a child, he or she expects to be provided with food, clothes, and shelter. Unfortunately, these are basic survival needs that some children are not privileged enough to have.To get a better understanding of the problems underprivileged youth encounter, Jean Chase, a board member at Workforce One of Clermont County, Ohio, shares insights into her innovative work with youth.

The Re-Entry Chronicles –  July 2009
by Nikki Jones
Nikki Jones was released from prison in May, 2009. A loyal writer for our “Action Words” section in RED! the breakthrough ‘zine during her incarceration, Nikki is now regularly chronicling her re-entry into society.

S.O.S. Art Show Reflection –  July 2009
by Lisa Muething
The Art Academy of Cincinnati showcased the seventh annual S.O.S. ART exhibition from May 29 to June 7, 2009. This year’s show was an exhibition of sociopolitical expressions for peace and justice. . . it was interesting to see how each artist interpreted the theme differently. . .

Reflecting upon Release –  May 2009
by Nikki Jones
NIkki Jones shares her thoughts, hopes and fears in the months and days prior to her release from Franklin Pre-Release Center (FPRC) prison in Columbus, Ohio on May 31, 2009.

Kitchen Confidential –  May 2009
by Jeffrey Hillard
From prison to employment as a respected chef to working with youth, Chris Brown was once a dead man walking. Here’s what happened.

STATISTICS — Homicides, Shootings, and My Intervention Work  – January 2009
Paulette Lewis

Three by Jimmy D. –  Jan 2009
James Dayton has been RED!’s diehard writer from inside prison. Now, you can look for his work from outside the walls. He was released on January 10, 2009 from Southern Ohio Correctional Facility. Here are three original perspectives on transformation from the former white supremacist group leader.

Oldest Living (Former) Mentor of Prison Inmates –  Jan 2009
At 77-years old, Rev. L.H. Mayfield went to the prison at Terminal Island, California – as a mentor. He’s now 98. What was he thinking? His roots – Midwestern. Past minister of a suburban church. Meet perhaps the oldest living (former) mentor/teacher of prison inmates in the country.

To Live and To Die: A Personal Essay – Jan 2009
Paulette Lewis is a young woman deeply embedded as a gang interventionist in the most violent parts of Hamilton County, Ohio, where police often hesitate to go. RED!’s columnist takes you inside the ‘hood you don’t know, and shows what God is doing with her.

Out of the Wreckage –  Jan 2009
She did a three-year bit in prison for vehicular homicide. Her mission now is to help others make right choices she did not make. RED! columnist Tiffany Peterson sheds light on a new breakthrough that will forever have you thinking differently about forgiveness.

Duncan Miller & The Evolution of a Prison Ministry – Sept 2008
One of the most influential mentors of prison inmates on the East Coast, Duncan Miller has pioneered programs to bring about positive change in the lives of inmates in Massachussetts Correctional Institution-Concord. RED!’s East Coast Correspondent, Brenda Huff, reveals why the far-reaching success of Duncan Miller hasn’t slowed down.

A Chance for Change – River City Correctional Center – Sept 2008
A sentence to River City Correctional Center in Cincinnati, Ohio is an opportunity for individuals who have committed a felony to change their lives for the better. RED! Senior Editor Christine Grote interviews Case Manager Coordinator Danisha Burnett to find out how the RCCC Therapeutic Community effects transformation in the lives of its residents.

Re-Entry Chronicles – Sept 2008
Belinda C. checks in with the second installment of her extraordinarily candid and wide-ranging account of life after prison. What’s it really like to be released from prison after serving a 20-sentence? Missed her first installment? Read it now.

A Priceless Place Sept 2008
RED! writer Heather Kailholz looks inside a unique facility and staff whose work serves hundreds of people in a small community in southwestern Ohio. Some that have re-entered society from incarceration have found solace in the Urban Appalachian Center.

Corina Evans Sept 2008
Corina Evans went to prison twice. In her first prison stay, she did little to help herself. But, during her second prison sentence, she got down to business. RED! writer Brittany Horn shares the story of Corina’s transformation. And don’t miss this video—Corina talks further about what this life-change has meant to her.

Re-Entry Chronicle – June 2008
What is it really like to be released from prison after serving a 20 year sentence? Follow RED! writer, Belinda C., in this new series, as she shares her bold journey.

Trading Near-Death for Real Life June 2008
By any human understanding, if you knew Roy Johnson’s past, you’d believe he should be dead. RED!’s Amy Hand reveals how Johnson stumbled out of this tragic time in his life and into a time in which he’s impacted and even rescued many lives in recent years.

Agent of Peace June 2008
What happened when police officer Tim Eppstein ventured beyond just making arrests? He helped positively transform a life or two, for starters. Chris Morris writes about what the officer discovered, too.

It Takes a Community to Effect Change June 2008
In a small church basement in Cincinnati, Ohio Stephanie Dunlap is fighting an ongoing battle. Sarah Stephens explains how Dunlap is helping young men and women re-enter society from incarceration by giving them hope.

Life, Death, and The Revolution – March 2008
Jeffrey Hillard
Celebrating two visionaries and formerly incarcerated individuals, Timothy Howard and Carl Upchurch, whose untimely deaths (Howard in 2007 and Upchurch in 2003) ignited a new chapter in the Revolution to bring hope to prisoners and formerly incarcerated persons. RED! Editor Jeffrey Hillard on how their transformative work still reaches into inmates’ lives.

Someone Cares and The McClures – March 2008
Jeffrey Hillard
Know thyself, so said Socrates. Don and Yvonne McClure know thousands of inmates in prisons. Welcome to the largest, hope-filled, pen friend organization dedicated to writing inmates in the world, and – in Don – one of the strangest prison experiences ever. Jeffrey Hillard captures the miracle of Someone Cares.

Out of the Crossfire / John Baker – March 2008
Christine Grote
Shot in the head, John Baker lived. He’s lived to make a huge difference. John Baker is one of numerous victims of violent crimes who has found refuge in Cincinnati’s Out of the Crossfire program. RED! Senior Editor Christine Grote profiles Baker and the program’s mission to save lives.

Second Chance Jail Ministry: The Mark Pottebaum Story – March 2008
Mark Pottebaum survived a tough life, a military life, and a life-threatening brain tumor. Now he ministers to inmates with passion. Brenda Huff portrays the miracle of Pottebaum as well as his relationship with God and inmates.

Oyler School: Stopping the Cycle of Poverty  – March 2008
Oyler School is one of the most innovative and cutting edge public schools in the nation. And in one of the poorest school districts. Principal Craig Hockenberry is beloved, a visionary, and he has a heart for incarcerated students. Here is another of many reasons why Oyler is a special place of learning. Christine Grote reveals why Oyler will not fail.

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