Letters from the Editor – November 10th, 2010

November 10th, 2010

Students in The Psychology Club at the College of Mount St. Joseph have come up with an innovative approach to investing their talent and energy.

Here’s the announcement.

The club’s current fundraiser hopes to have a pro-active, three-plus-prong effect. The fundraising will benefit women and children victimized by domestic violence, while also helping provide the nutrient-packed, Plumpy ‘nut to hungry children in other parts of the world.

What this actually reveals is the students’ understanding that, in order to help facilitate change, it’s important to find the right collaborators. They are wise to enlist the support of RED! technical advisor, William Lambers, whose singular approach to addressing world hunger has brought about major collaborative initiatives with government officials, humanitarians, and private sector organizers alike.

The news announcement is a high priority and it’s very do-able. I heartily commend The Psychology Club for showing such vigor and potential, and for using some of the best strategies available for reaching out to these necessary causes.

They, along with Bill Lambers and the World Food Programme, are making us pay attention.


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