The Streets — Paulette Lewis

Paulette Lewis is the Founder and Executive Director of Urban Success.
She is a gang intervention specialist.

The Streets – “The Fridge” – October 2010

The Streets – Four-legged friends in the ‘hood – September 2010

The Streets – Kudos to Jeff – June 2010

The Streets – Finally, I Meet Ghost – February 2010

The Streets – Encounters of the Gangsta Kind – October 2009

The Streets – STREET JUSTICE – Or is it? – September 2009

The Streets – “These Stars Are Gangsta” – August 2009

The Streets – July 2009

The Streets – May 2009

The Streets – January 2009

“For I know the plans I have for you” – September 2008

The Streets – Working with Youths – June 2008



2 Comments to “The Streets — Paulette Lewis”

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