Voice of the Nations – Hope Abounds: The Detroit Tigers vs. The Texas Rangers!

by Karyn Alexander
July 8, 2010

It was 1968 and I walked into Tiger Stadium with awe! I was only 10-years old, and I was star struck with the enormity of a stadium. I had hope and I had faith in my Detroit Tigers.

I don’t think I had been to a larger building before; so, seeing the number of people and the scale of concrete was new and amazing.

Denny Mclain and Bill Freehan were names I remember. In fact, I am sure I have an autograph from Denny Mclain. That was a big deal in those days. Denny was the star pitcher and Bill Freehan the catcher.

I can still see the players in their respective positions, as the game began: Bill Freehan pounding his catcher’s mit as dust flew into the air around him. The voice emanating from the stadium’s overhead speaker was loud and friendly, and the crack of wooden bats was something I will never forget.

Willie Horton, Jim Northrup, and Dick McAuliffe were all in place; Norm Cash was on first base, so it seemed all the pressure and tension hung over him. We ate hotdogs, popcorn, and drank Pepsi. I sat with my family; my brother, in particular, was a baseball player for our school team. He was a shortstop like Dave Tracewski. We watched as Dave and the others played the team from so far away.

The Texas Rangers were from another world. I had never been to Texas, but a connection with Vice President Johnson visually placed Texas in my mind. He was native to that state and wore a huge cowboy hat and pointed boots. It seemed that we fans of the Detroit Tigers were more the jungle type, so to speak, so I thought the team had better make a stance against the larger- than-life rancher and his team. We were “tigers,” they were “cattle,” and of course we would win!

My allegiance and pride lay in the very activity that was now ensuing in the stadium that day.

The Tigers were a powerful team. They took the championship that year, winning the World Series. You can imagine how my pride soared. Seeing my team play and win over so many was a great honor. What a game, what fun!

This year, a very similar event is about to happen: July 2010 in Detroit, the great Detroit Tigers will play the Texas Rangers.  Forty-two years have passed. How time flies!
I would love to be in the stadium again.

Can you hear it? DA-Du-Du-Da…the organ playing the same song. It hasn’t changed and neither have I.
I am the same girl who would still be awestruck by the crowd and enormity of the game. The players have changed, but not the spirit of the day or event.

The very nature of competition in our country is exciting and interesting. I now live near a big city which houses the Cincinnati Reds. It seems that I have become a combination of the Texas Rangers and Detroit Tigers.

I live on a farm, wear a cowboy hat like former Vice President Johnson, and I am surrounded by cattle; but deep in my heart, I have an allegiance to my first love, the Tigers.

The interesting part of our country is how we have all become one. It used to be that families stayed in a town, worked, lived and died there. Now, being a mobile society, we are a mixed group. The negative is that we may belong nowhere. The positive is we can fit in anywhere.

I choose to believe that I belong everywhere. My Tigers are my first love and home, but the Rangers could steal my heart, too. I will watch with interest how the game goes this time, as I am not team-specific. I am just a lover of the game of baseball. Good luck, guys!

Play Ball!
Karyn Alexander
Executive Director, Winfield House (windfieldhouse.org)

Winfield House brings the good news of Jesus in a practical way, giving hope to God’s people.

Voice of the Nations: Rev. 5:9 “With your blood you purchased men for God from every tribe, people, language and nation.”
Send questions or comments to: KarynBAlexander@aol.com


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