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May 21, 2011

Welcome Home, Demetrius “Hook” Mitchell !

We welcome home celebrated RED! columnist, Demetrius “Hook” Mitchell, who was released on May 16, 2011, from a facility in Lewiston, California. 

Our RED! team is ecstatic over Hook’s current re-entry, his plans to work, write, remain healthy, and persist in helping others – his humandkindness is aglow again outside the arena of incarceration, and, given Hook’s past dedication as a writer, mentor, and facilitator, he will surely thrive. As Hook is fond of saying, “It will surely be a blessing.”

A basketball legend and supreme athlete, Demetrius “Hook” Mitchell is considered perhaps the greatest player never to make the National Basketball Association, experiencing a range of incarceration setbacks that disabled a promising professional career.

The 2003 film directed by award-winning documentary filmmaker, Michael Skolnik, “Hooked: The Legend of Demetrius ‘Hook’ Mitchell,” profiles Hook and presents insights into the human chasm of destructive behavior, which ironically paralleled some of the greatest basketall and athletic feats ever displayed by one person – Hook himself.

Yet, the film goes to extraordinary lengths in also emphasizing Hook’s transformation during his first prison incarceration, the individuals who mentored him, and Hook’s geniunely wise understanding of how personal change must occur. Hook’s wisdom is transparent, and it should be noted, especially, by every youth in the country, especially those on the verge of making “negative” life choices. Hook is that powerful a testimony and that wise a person.

In his most recent incarceration period, Hook applied himself in the most positive and humanitarian ways, befriending and mentoring a range of peers, dedicating his time to education, mentoring, and leadership within the institution.

He is a close friend of RED! editor and publisher, Jeffrey Hillard. Hook’s desire to reach others is contagious. He is an abundantly gifted mentor of youth, possesses a knack for educating others on nutrition and healthy-eating matters, exudes an authentic leadership ability, and most importantly, Hook does not mire himself in self-doubt or bitterness over not making the N.B.A. years ago. He understands his need to live and to make positive life choices – now.  In 2011 and beyond.

In a recent “Mistakes 143” column, on the verge of appearing in RED! just before his release, Hook Mitchell writes:

“Yes, I am patiently waiting for my next feat. (It’s God’s calling for me and a blessing.) My book, “Do You Want to Learn How to Fly?”, has been on the table just waiting for its opportunity. (There is nothing so powerful as an idea whose time has come, and there is nothing so detrimental than someone who is still thinking old ideas.) It seems more and more apparent, since God has allowed me to witness Mr. Blake Griffin perform what I patented 20-plus years ago. (Logon to, or Hook Mitchell on

“You see, I’ll have to perform most of the feats that you see on N.B.A. t.v.: the T-Mac toss-off-the-glass; the dunk over any and everything – I started most of it. (God is the greatest.) What I was blessed with was an innate ability to perform things then that others perform on the hoop court and place a “10” on it (tweak it). It all started when I was on the eight-feet-high basket and told myself that I wanted to dunk on the 10-feet-high basket; everyone was dunking on courts at Prescott, Cole, Lafayette, and all the schools in Oakland. I would ride my bike to see the action, or dribble my basketball to see them.

“I’m patiently waiting!

“Here is the hypothesis to come: #30AT (Hook Mitchell) can perform a feat such as leaping and dunking over a car in four different decades. I first started this feat in the late 1980s (1988). I performed it in the 1990s, and in the decade of 2000. I was on the first cover of my friend Bobbito Garcia’s Bounce Magazine in 2005.

“Now, it is 2011. Can I pull it off? Mr. Rob Stone (of Fader Magazine) has always said that ‘Hook loves to keep it interesting.’ At 42-years old, sure God knows best.

“I am at ‘Fire Camp’ at this time [mid-April 2011], but I am training for my next feat!

“Even with all the hatred I’v endured in my life, people always disapprove of what God has blessed me with. I really don’t pay that much attention to it. Individuals seem to “hate” the fact that the C-O’s and Fire Captain [at the time of this writing in April] have caught wind of what God has blessed me with (not hearing it from me).

“As I mentioned earlier about my preparation for what’s to come (42-year old man dunking over a car), there are individuals that can’t see the big picture and say that they disapprove of my working out so much on a daily basis [mid-April].

“Mike Skolnik and Rob Stone…and as to Mr. Fader’s family…here I come: bigger, stronger, tougher, and wiser than before.


“Cordially, #30AT (Slam Magazine’s  “#3 playground player of all-time”).”


Above, the editor supplied information in the brackets.

April 14, 2011

Mistakes 143 – a column by Demetrius “Hook” Mitchell

Peace.  (Hats off!)

I would like to thank professor Jeff Hillard, RED! webzine, the family of William Hillard, and others in the community of Cincinnati, Ohio for their support – and, oh yes, also the students in the Sports in Literature course at the College of Mount St. Joseph.

On the matter of reviving my spirit toward writing again: I am human and I had become content with writing for a time in which I focused on myself and my work on the project, “Do You Want to Learn How to Fly” (DYWTLHTF).

DYWTLHTF has been one of my main focal points. I know now that God has placed – not replaced – me, and shown me that there is nothing new under the sun (from Ecclesiastes). Plus, I’m working out on a basically religious cycle. I’m always waiting for them [a team] to sign me to a 10-day contract in the N.B.A. Rob Stone knows that I always keep it interesting.

But, my preparation now is on the near future and to perform something that has never been done before: to slam dunk a ball while jumping over a car in four different decades.

I first patterned this stylized Dunk in the late 1980s (1988), the 90s, 2000s – while being featured on the cover of my friend Bobbito Garcia’s magazine, BOUNCE.  My re-entry into society in 2011 will make it a fourth decade. Fader Magazine, Mr. Cohen, and Rob Stone – here I come, God willing, in 2011.  Do You Want to Learn How to Fly?

God willing, too, I will be in Cincinnati in several months, then after I complete my terms and condition of my parole I will make it my home for a few years.

I want to give the brothas around me their well-defined needs and my highly admiration for allowing me to stay physically fit. They give me a hard time for being so hard on them, with all the working out I do. “Nutcase” (Erin), Keon, Grubbs, Lil’ Joe, N-O, Lamont, L.B., Tips, and my bunkie – they all put up with my early  morning study and preparation.

Highly glorified is my Lord.  Oh, grandma! – I love you. Peace.

Watch out, Kiki: I’ll be home soon.  Smile.