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March 30, 2011


One of the best television shows currently airing is Investigation Discovery’s (ID) “True Crime with Aphrodite Jones“. If the first season is indication of what the future of this extraordinary show will reveal, the second season is bound to offer some of the most astute and orginal explorations of contemporary crime ever done.

Season Two begins Thursday, March 31, from 10:00 – 11:00 EST.

Here’s a superb press release on the show. It’s a series, so note the future shows. Do not miss them.

And the trailer. From Investigative Discovery.

The authenticity of the show lies in several areas. Aphrodite has secured unprecedented access to a number of key individuals associated with each and every case in the series. Now, in t.v. journalism, or in a reality crime show as such, this may not seem original. But, it is.

Aphrodite’s access enables her to sift through and present information and details that have frequently not yet surfaced. In doing so, as cases in the first season evidenced, the deeper a case goes (the more minutes into the show), the more we observe the depth of understanding Aphrodite has for victims or family or acquaintances or officials involved with a case. Her persona does not come across as trite. Her patience in handling interviews and details contributes to this authenticity, and yet she’s exuberant and opinionized once we realize she’s discovered new case details in the process of doing a show.

The commercials don’t necessarily break the rhythm of how deeply Aphrodite delves into these cases. ID’s commercials – every channel breathes because of them – don’t disturb the deepening scenarios. You know the case is going deeper until Aphrodite captures some serious closure. In some cases, it may not even be closure for Aphrodite; it may be an unsettling, mystifying end to a case. But, she’s tackled it from her perspective, and she is confident of the story she ‘s presented. Again, it’s a bullseye perspective.

Aphrodite’s first investigation – the first show – deals with the festering chaos and dumbfounding investigation over years of the case of Colorado’s JonBenet Ramsey, as her murder 15 years ago startled the country’s imagination.

The second show features an exploration of past and new details surrounding the death of celeb Anna Nicole Smith.

RED! will be following the show and presenting updates with Aphrodite.  One of the genuinely hardest working journalists in television (and print), she is also one of the most generous.

Check out her website and order her best-selling books.