Looking Outward — Angela Derrick

Angela Derrick

Angela Derrick is a student at the College of Mount St. Joseph majoring in Paralegal Studies.
She is married to a death-row inmate in the state of Florida.

 Looking Outward – December 2010

Looking Outward – On Being Thankful -November 2010

Looking Outward – October 2010

Looking Outward – God in Prison – July 2010

The Six-Word Memoir Prison Project – May 2010

Looking Outward – Television Behind Bars – February 2010

One Comment to “Looking Outward — Angela Derrick”

  1. Hi Anglea, I came across an article you wrote on the Ryan Widmer case 3/22. I forwarded it to the site administrator for the Free Ryan Widmer website and he posted your article. There have been many compliments you have received. It was so well written and very precise based on facts and not emotions. I personally have followed the case closely and am not affilitate with either family or a member or any website for or against Ryan. I have always tried to look at this case from both angles but always end up confirming my belief in his innocence. As you probably know the Dateline special is suppose to run this Friday. Out of all the articles/blogs I have read on the Widmer case your one article summed up my feelings perfectly. Just wanted to let you know in case you wanted to view the compliments posted in regards to your article.

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